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Well, you might think I'm trashy and a little too hardcore ...

But in my neck of the woods I'm just the girl next door

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So, theres this girl named Katy ...
& she changes her emotions faster then anyone can imagine.
Shes stubborn at times, & gets fustrated too easily.
Her life isnt great or glamorous, but it isnt depressing or horrible either.
It takes a while for her to trust you, but when she does, its a whole new story.
Her friends mean the world to her ... & she would go to the end of the world for them

♥ My name is Kaitlyn ... but please call me Katy.

♥ Age 18, born September 13th 1988 which makes me a Virgo.

♥ American, Irish & German.

♥ Blonde hair. I am a natural blonde ... but the blonde I have now is not my natural.

♥ Green/Blue/Grey eyes ... they change color on their own. NO contacts =-P

♥ I'm kinda short. Only 5'4 ... but I love it.

♥ 4 siblings - 2 sisters, Grace (2) & Emily (1). A stepbrother, Rocco (21) and a sister in-law, Samantha (22).

♥ In February I'm moving to Florida to live and work at Disney until August.

♥ Major night owl. I stay up late online listening to music and watching tv/movies.

♥ Addicted to Stewarts Diet Cream Soda and Jones Soda in Berry Lemonade & Green Apple flavor.

♥ HUGE One Tree Hill fan.

♥ Hyper, crazy and immature at times ... usually depends who I'm with. But I know when I need to calm down and be serious.

♥ I'm very random. I can go from talking about one thing and then change right to another topic.

♥ Umm ... cant really think of anything else to say. So ... just ADD ME =-)

I'm a mod here so join!! =-P


One Tree Hill is love

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made by k_clarkson24

made by k_clarkson24

Meet The Barkers is love

Victor and Emily are Meant To Be Love

Friends is Love

Johnny Depp is Love

The Incredibles is Love

Monsters, Inc. is Love

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Daria Morgendorffer is Love

made by kaimelarfeylove
Jane Lane is Love

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