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I havent updates in a while. I know.
(Sorry Leigh! ♥)

I dont remember when I last updated so I'll start from Sunday cause its the last I remember.

Sunday I basically stayed home all day with my room mates. We were all lazy and just sat on the couch on our laptops and watching movies.
Me and 2 of my room mates, Jessie & Becky eventually went out. We went to Publix to do some food shopping. We decided we needed some real food cause we were getting sick of soup lol.
So we got a hell of alot of food and really cheap too. I think I only bought 1 thing over $5. Everything else we went for stuff on sale and all.
We come home and fill up the fridge. The top shelf was fill of tons of soda and milk and I guess it was too heavy. So the shelf in the back on the left kinda snapped. It was kinda funny. Lol
Then that night we watched Mean Girls.
Scott came over right as it ended. I went with him to Wendys to get some food then just came back and hung out at my apt.
At like 2am it was just me and Jessi up. I was online looking at stuff and ended up ordering an old school Nintendo NES for $30 and the game Super Mario World to go with it.
I'm very excited about it and so are my room mates and Scott lol.
I also ordered a new phone. I was on T-Mobile looking at updates and I got one that was free. Its a flip phone. Has a camera with zoom, video recorder, AIM, Yahoo & ICQ, and plays music. So I'm excited for that as well.

Monday was a day of doing nothing again.
Scott came over in the afternoon to hang out while he waited for the bus to go to work.
Me and Becky had a class from 4pm-7pm. So we went to that.
After class was just a bit stressful. Jessie told us that one roomate of ours, Whitley said Becky was a tick. Whatever that means. No clue why the hell she would say it, we never talk to her or Sapphire cause they are always locked in their room.
And then our one room mate Mina has missed 2 classes and you are only allowed to miss 2. And she works as a lifeguard and she went out and got a tattoo on her wrist. We arent allowed to have any visable tattoos or body piercings at Disney. So we dont know what she was thinking. Yesterday at work though they told her to get water proof make up to cover up the tattoo. As far as classes, we dont know whats going to happen. The teacher called her but she wouldnt call her back. So we think she may get termed eventually.
SO its been hectic.
Me, Becky and Jessie are tryna stick together and just do what we have to do.

After our classes on Monday, me, Jessie, Becky and our friend Matt went to Magic Kingdom to watch Wishes. I LOVED it!!!
Then we went to Downtown Disney to go see a movie. But the theater was closed. So we were gonna go to a gay club cause Matt is gay, but Jessie didnt have her ID. So we came back to the apts so she could get it. I decided I didnt wanna go, so I stayed home.
Scott came by like 5 minutes after they left. I went with him to Wendys and then we went to his apt to get his Disney pins and we came back to my apt and he taught me all about pin trading. Its pretty cool.

Yesterday I had work from 3-9:30. My feet were killing me by the time I got home.
Last night I didnt do anything. Just checked stuff online and went to bed at 1am.
OH! One thing that happened at work yesterday ... I met Greg Brady. The oldest brother on the Brady Bunch. I dont know his real name.
He was in the store I worked at yesterday and he said hi to me!!! It was soooo cool =]

Today I have work from 2-8:30.
Not bad.

Then tomorrow I work from 10:15am-7pm. And Friday is 11:30am-8:15pm.
I have Saturday, Sunday and Monday off. WOOT!
Monday I only have off cause I have a class. But my class isnt till 4-7 ... so I count it as a day off lol.

Next weeks schedule sucks. I work Fantasmic EVERY night. I hate working Fantasmic.
Thursday-Saturday I'm actually working Tower first then doing Fantasmic after. BLECH!

Well I gotta go get ready for work now.

Hope everyone is doing good!

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